Hello and Welcome to the 80's J Idol Zone Discord Official Website! ようこそ! 80's アイドルゾーン 公式サイトへ!

If you are looking for a place to discuss the idol scene of Japan's bubble era you have come to the right place. バブル期の日本のアイドルが好きなあなたにぴったり! ここはバブル期の日本のアイドルについて語らう場所です。

While the focus of this server is very niche on the internet as of 2020, everything has a community somewhere, and we are hoping to unite retro J-Idol fans here. I the owner and the staff team have been in a few retro japanese music servers before we built this one and have came across a wide variety of tastes. The server has 3 main sections: The music section, general chatting section and the hobbies section. If you are already familiar with retro japanese music and also interested in expanding your taste into retro J Idol this also is a good place to join.